Spring Fling @ Kings Dominion

April 21, 2018

Kings Dominion
16000 Theme Park Way Doswell, VA 23047
Registration Deadline: 03/22/18

Important Update

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We have decided to cancel our outdoor Coastal event at Kings Dominion this weekend due to inclement weather! Coaches have been notified via email today regarding registration and park ticket fees - check with your coach for more info! If you purchased a spectator ticket from our event specific link, your ticket will be good for park admission through June 30, 2017! If you have questions please contact Adventures America/Get Travel at 888-877-4445 opt 3 or info@gettravel.com. If spectator tickets to the park were not purchased from our event specific link, please contact the vendor you purchased tickets from directly.

Contact Us

Candace Hertel
School/Rec Advisor
Varsity All-Star Advisor

Music Policy - Very Important!

Be sure to follow the music guidelines for this event. Go to varsity.com/music for the latest resources.


Should Varsity Spirit cancel an event for any reason, the Event Producer will communicate with the program account owners regarding any refunds or credits the week after the postponed or cancelled event.

First Place Tie- Breaker Policy

Ties will not be broken except for first place. First place ties will be broken in the following manner:
1. The team with the fewest deductions will win.
2. If both teams have the same deductions, the team with the highest performance score will win.
3. If both teams have the same performance score, the winner will be declared by judges' choice.
If there is a tie for a final U.S. Finals, Summit, or Worlds bid, the same tie breaker policy will be used.