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To help facilitate travel and arrangements while keeping costs to your families at a minimum, at all two day JAM Brands events, All Star Prep teams (both cheer & dance) will compete on day one of the event. Likewise, the awards ceremonies for All Star Prep teams will be held on day one of the event. Per USASF guidelines, All Star Prep teams are only permitted to perform once during a two day event, therefore, additional exhibition performances will not be allowed. If you have any questions on scheduling, please contact the specific event planner for your two day JAM Brands event.
Pittsburgh, PA
January 2016
Baltimore, MD
January 2016
Trenton, NJ
Lakeland, FL
Akron, OH
Richmond, VA
Richmond, VA
Atlanta, GA
Upcoming Events
Steeltown Regional
Pittsburgh, PA • January 2016
Mid-Atlantic Battle
Baltimore, MD • January 2016
Heavy Hitters
Trenton, NJ • 1/9/2016
Central Florida Face-Off
Lakeland, FL • 1/23/2016
Ohio Battle National Championhip
Akron, OH • 1/23/2016
Richmond Battle
Richmond, VA • 1/23/2016
Just Dance / Coastal Battle Series
Richmond, VA • 1/23/2016
Battle at the Capitol - School National Championship
National Harbor, MD • 2/6-7/2016
Battle at the Capitol - Dance National Championship
National Harbor, MD • 2/6-7/2016
Battle at the Capitol - All-Star, Rec & Collegiate
National Harbor, MD • 3/12-13/2016
Six Flags Georgia
Atlanta, GA • 4/2/2016
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